Magickal Doorways

What are Magickal Doorways?

Fairy Door
Open the Door to happiness.

Abstract art is a complicated thing.  It can be messy, much like life. This particular piece is chaotic in nature.  In this piece, the raw chaos brings images of creativity, laughter and a spring breeze as it invokes the lush green grass and sun rays of  fairy land.  My pieces are all magickal in nature. They protect the owner and each has it’s own type of pulse.  If you are drawn to the piece, then it is made for you.

Art and Magick can be irrational.

The best things in life (like love) are irrational in nature. In my practice, art and magick are both meant to be irrational. It does not need to make sense in order for it to work.  It just has to invoke the God or Goddess within. Creation is an act of the Gods, the act of the Goddesses, correct?

Then, would that not mean that you are a God/dess as well?

There are infinite ways to reach one’s God or Goddesshood, but the number one way is to first recognize  that one is in fact that thing. We may all be here on Earth, but that fact alone  does not give the answer as to what one was before.  We were Gods! We have an inherent ability and birthright to create magick in our lives. It is only the negative energy that would convince us that we are small, worthless, or not capable to create wonders. Whether we are moving that magick in a positive or negative current is also our path to take. Each one of us is a special spark, an electric light that illuminates the darkness.

My light creates tools for wizards to use.

Magickal Doors are tools that can be used to draw energy to the mage, God, or Goddess. It opens a doorway between themselves and the part of the print that they connect with.  Sometimes, it is not enough to Will a thing into being; or rather, want something with intent.

The reason why we buy crystals, pictures or jewelry is to pull from that energy. Sometimes, we need to use energy from other sources to bring new energy into our environment. That is okay! When an artist creates, they are pulling from the universe to create a conduit in which a person can use to invoke changes in their life.

Change is part of life, but only if one believes this to be the case. Some people live in stagnation. Other’s feel they are not worthy to change. While, there are others that believe so little about themselves that they allow the will of others around them to rule them. All of these things can be detrimental when choosing the path of magick, one is deciding to remove negative things and people from their life. This God or Goddess is  deciding that their Will is above that of those around them. They are moving their life to that of purpose and exploration. This is what it is to go through a magical door.

It is to be the Fool, the high priestess, the magician.

The work is to wake up to your Godhood and make changes in your environment.  Success is scary, but courage will help you find it.

Please have a look at my art, and if it moves you, feel free to purchase one of my prints.







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