Who are we?

Isn’t that the everlasting basic question of life, the endless search, the central striving of our lives… but you’re not here for philosophical conundrums, you’re here to find out who we actually are!

We are a group of occult and magickal practitioners who have banded together to provide amazing services and crafts to the public. You can expect to find someone here who is fantastic at drawing magickal sigils, someone who can talk to the dead, tarot readers of surpassing skill, and much, much more. We’re here to bring light and joy to the world, and to help you with whatever your life requires.

Jennifer, Zen Shaman

I offer tarot reading, psychic readings, magickal artworks, sigils, runes, and more. I’m a High Priestess and can offer you counseling and advice. Let me help and guide you, and teach you about magick, the occult, and paganism. With 21 years experience in the arcane, I can provide a wide range of help, services, and craftwork.

Magickal Doorways by Lorie

Ritual, Drama, Life Roles

The Dragon of Crowley