Magick Arts Launch

Let’s get things started!

We’re launching Magick Arts to the world. I bet you’re wondering what this is all about, and what we’re up to. It’s a simple idea, but one that I’m very excited about. Yeah, I switched from the royal ‘we’ to singular ‘I’, didn’t I… I’m Jennifer, and I’m the main motivating force behind Magick Arts. I’m your hostess, so to speak, and everything that we’re building here is something that I dreamed up.

What is Magick Arts?

I’ve been a huge fan of collaborative action ever since I figured out what ‘collaborative’ and ‘action’ meant, especially when you put those words together. I’m also a really huge fan of helping my fellow human being out. And, I’m a witch, so the idea of a coven, a group, a crowd of energized people all striving towards the same basic goal has always resonated with me. In this day and age, there’s no real reason why people should have to feel alone and lonely, because the internet is the greatest communication tool we’ve ever created for one another.

And let’s be real here: starting your own business is super scary, alienating, and lonely.

Magick Arts is a group of people working together to raise awareness about one another’s work, art, services, and general awesomeness. We support one another in business and life, and provide expertise to collaborator members. When one of my co-conspirators makes new art, I want to share it! Yell about it, tweet, tell people on Instagram, get the word out. And I want the word to spread about my awesome stuff, too.

Magick Arts is a place to go when you’re looking for support and help. If you’re an artist, or a tarot reader, or a psychic, or a lonely little witch lost in the world, I want you to come here for advice and support. And I want you to join the collective, because when you and I work together, we can do amazing things.

Magick Arts is a place for solitary practitioners, witches in covens, reiki massage therapists, counselors, and weird esoteric folks of all stripes to come together for support, work, encouragement, and, perhaps most important, to share our awesome light and cool stuff with the world.

What can you expect to find at Magick Arts?

Essays on occult and esoteric topics. How to explanations on all sorts of arcane subjects. Announcements for group workings, classes, lessons, and events. Artists talking about their art, and offering it up for you to buy. Massage oil, tarot readings, prints of cool art, framework lessons for building ritual structures, treatises on High Ceremonial Magick, full moon meditations, and more.

How can you get involved with Magick Arts?

Email me. Super simple! We’ll chat about what you want, what you can offer, how active you want to be (totes up to you), and then we’ll see what we see. If you can promise to keep things on the light side of the force, to refrain from obvious illegal activities, and to do your best to cause no harm, then we can most likely come to an agreement. I want you to dig deep, and find the thing that makes you awesome, and then share it with the world, and I want to help you do exactly that!

Magick Arts exists to help lift you up. And to lift me up, too. Together we can do amazing and awesome things. Raise the energy, get things moving, and let’s elevate one another.

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