Zen Shamanic Witchcraft

Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’m a Zen practitioner, witch, and shamanic pagan.

I know, that’s a mouthful. Let me explain what I mean by all that. I’m very white (with some undocumented Native American, but that’s complicated), and I was raised as a white person in America. This means I’m not about to walk around like the over-privileged person I am and call myself a Shaman. I’m not, because I wasn’t raised in the culture that produces shamans. That said, I’m still very drawn to the practices and methods of shamanism, and I use a lot of what I’ve learned through studying various shamanic cultures and practices, so I call myself a shamanic pagan.

Jennifer, the Zen ShamanAs for ‘witch’, well, I am. I do magick, cast spells, raise energy, honor the elements, believe in spirits, and worship pagan and occult gods and goddesses. I’m a witch. I’m just not exactly Wiccan. Wicca is a religion, with a few specific rules and dogmas, and what I do is a lot less rules-y and dogma-y. I use herbs and crystals, read tarot, and manipulate energies to attain my goals.

The Zen part is actually pretty easy to explain: Zen isn’t really a religion so much as a set of practices and techniques that are useful for people of all sorts of life paths to attain peace and enlightenment. I use pretty much whatever works, and Zen works for me. I sit zazen, I meditate, I use moving meditations. I find that Zen and shamanism meld incredibly well, and then toss the witchcraft on top and I’m a happy little pagan.

What am I offering to you, here?

On the Myers-Briggs scale, I’m INFJ. “The Advisor”. It’s a little hokey and weird, but it does seem to explain a lot about me and my outlook on the world. I’m interested in helping other people live their best lives. And to that end, I’ll use any tool that works. I’m flexible and eclectic, and I honestly believe that if the method leads to good results, let’s run with it.

I’m offering advice, life counseling, mediation skills, and my empathy and listening skills. Come to me when you need to vent about life, when you want to get good solid neutral advice, or when you just need a High Priestess to pass your concerns on to your Higher Powers.

I read tarot, because I’ve found it’s the best way to channel my gifts and insights. Is it because I’m an INFJ, or because I’m psychic? Does it matter? Any way you slice it, I can see things about you and your situation, and I can give you added insights and advice. I’m clairsentient, with some clairvoyant and clairaudient on top. (I know things, and sometimes I see and hear them, too.) I can cast the runes for you, but you’ll get a very blunt and rough reading from them. Pendulums give simplistic results, but are great for a quick yes/no. I really like the tarot: I’ve been reading cards since 1996, both professionally and privately.

And, I’m an artist.

Some of my art is very representational, some of it’s abstract, and some of it’s magickal. I make sigils, runes, bindrunes, and more. And I’ll make magickal art for you, on request. Tell me what spell or outcome you seek, and I’ll bend my skills to your need. Original art and prints are available through my Etsy store, as well as through direct sale here.

I’ve been practicing magick since 1996, reading tarot and honing my occult skills. I can work in High Ceremonial Magick, low kitchen witchery, and everything in between. From trance work and astral journeys to making a spell box and weaving energies for you, I really can do pretty much anything. However, I won’t do curses, death hexes, or karmically negative things for you. As long as your request bends towards the light, I’m happy to accommodate you.

You can find me on social media:

I have a Patreon, for those who like to patronize the arts. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.